More Actions With Trips

Easythingy analyses your trip details from your itinerary and gives you an advance option to book a taxi prior to your departure. Now all you have to do is get your bags and leave without needing to worry on taxis.

Finding car rentals when you are out of town can be hard. With Easythingy, you get access to all the hot car rentals nearby with the best prices available. Now car rentals are just a click away.

Easythingy automatically reads your upcoming trips and hotel bookings. If you have not booked a hotel for your stay, Easythingy will throw in some suggestions on the best hotel deals around for your stay.

Searching for attractions can be time consuming. With Easythingy you get all the nearby attractions and places to visit suggested to you automatically based on your Geo Location.


More Actions With Bills

It can be frustrating to pay bills individually. Now with Easythingy, enter all your account numbers just once and every month just tick and pay with Master or Visa easily. With just one payment all your bills has been paid.

Easythingy analyses your bills automatically and gives you notifications on due dates. That’s not it. If you are eligible, you can also apply for our in-app credit. In the event if you miss to pay your bills on the due date, Easythingy will use your in-app credit to pay the bills for you so that you do not incur late payment fees again.

Manage all your recurring payments in one place and easily. Add or delete recurring payments easily with Easythingy.

Tag your bills and receipts to expense type such as Trips, Subscriptions, Bills and more. Get financial reports to know where you have spent more money on to get a better understanding on your expenditure.


More Actions With Hotels

Get all the information you need on the Hotel you are staying at. Hotel facilities, latest promotion the hotel is having and more to have a pleasant stay.

Sometime it can be hard finding your way in a new town. Get easy directions with Easythingy on “How to reach your hotel”

Get the availability of breakfast timings in the hotels you stay. Easythingy also reminds you one hour before the breakfast ends so that you will never miss a hearty breakfast again.

Sometimes things go out of plans and finding another hotel to extend your stay can be frustrating and tiring. Easythingy gives you an automated alert one day before check out with the option to extend your stay if needed.


Manage Your Subscriptions

Unsubscribe emails and newsletters with a click of a button. With the option to multi select and delete all your unwanted email subscriptions, your email might just be cleaned up in seconds.


What Are Teams

Create custom teams. Invite team members easily via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more. Share specific bills, receipts or any information available in Easythingy to them and take actions against it easily.


Reminders & Notifications

Keep track of everything you need to do in one place. You can add reminders for yourself that show up right in your notification when it due with options to snooze or repeat them.


Must Try

Snap hot deals, offers, or anything you want to try later with your inbuilt camera or scan the QR Codes and add it to Easythingy “Must Try” folder easily. All your things you want to try in one place so you never miss again.

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